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Golden Visa Portugal


Golden Visa Portugal is the denomination that is attributed to the special regime of residence Permit for Investment Activity – ARI. 

The ARI allows foreign investors (non-members of the European Union) to apply for a temporary residence permit in the national territory, and to do this they must carry out one of the investment activities provided for in the scheme.

The spouses, the minor children, including those who have been adopted, the eldest children who are unmarried, who are studying and in charge of the investor and lenders in the first degree who are in charge of the beneficiary couple.

Who may also benefit are the minor siblings who are under the tutelage of the resident and companions who are in union, as long as it is recognized.




In addition to being able to enter in Portugal with exemption from a residence visa, you can still reside and work, while maintaining residence in another country.
With this, you will be allowed to travel through the Schengen area, without the need for a visa and will benefit from family reunification.
Finally, you will be able to request the granting of Permanent Residence Authorization and, consequently, the acquisition of Portuguese nationality.

With Portugal at the western tip of Europe, it has a privileged access to the markets with the greatest potential in Europe. With neighboring countries as Spain and France, Portugal is still strategically located near North Africa, thus facilitating trade between the two continents. Finally, it is also the European country that is located at a shorter distance from the United States of America.

Portugal is among the 25 countries in the world with the best infrastructures, the quality and density of its motorway network (above the OECD average), the quality of maritime infrastructure, airports and railway lines. The port of Águas Profundas de Sines has the capacity to receive Post-Panamax ships, having been considered the sea port with the highest growth worldwide, registering a growth rate of + 68%.

Portugal is a top country regarding the quality of provision of technological services. By 2019, there are already 5 million homes covered by fiber optics. As for e-Government, Portugal ranks among the top 50 of the almost 200 countries that make up the ranking of this Development Index. As in the electronic payments, Portugal is a pioneer in the electronic toll network called “Via Verde”, as well as in the execution of monetary operations through the Multibanco system and MB-Way.

Portugal is the leader in the international trade facility: an authentic open door to a market of 500 million people in Europe and more than 250 million Portuguese-speaking consumers. Since Portugal is a member country of the EU and belonging to the Schengen area, it benefits from free trade, where the absence of customs barriers and the free movement of people and goods are among the greatest advantages of obtaining Portuguese nationality.

Portugal, for all the factors mentioned above, is an attractive country. So attractive, brands such as IKEA, Microsoft, BOSH, Volkswagen and CISCO, Fujitsu, Siemens, Unilever and the PSA Group have already invested successfully. Portugal is at the forefront of several sectors, where growth and evolution are constant year after year. Want satisfied customers?

Foreign languages, mathematics, management and science are some of the areas where the Portuguese show above average capabilities. More than 65% of Portuguese are bilingual, speaking at least one foreign language. English language instruction is compulsory from primary school and 78% of students learn two or more foreign languages. In mathematics, the performance of the Portuguese is above the European average and in management, Portugal is in the top 30 of the world in terms of the quality of its management schools.

Portugal enjoys an intellectually developed, available, flexible, dedicated and productive workforce with a superior level of education in the business-oriented areas. By the end of 2019, about 35% of the population between the ages of 30 and 34 will already have a superior degree. With the increase in superior education, there was an increase in employability, a decrease in poverty and an increase in the quality of life of the Portuguese. It should also be noted that the minimum wage in Portugal is well below the European average, settling at 600 euros, while the average is at 792 euros per month.

That Portugal is a great country to invest, is already known. But did you know that you do not stop there? Portugal is one of the European countries with the highest level of public safety, a pleasant climate, an unrivaled environment and excellent cultural and leisure structures. In recent years Portugal has seen an abrupt growth in tourism, leading multiple award categories annually. It may not be the biggest country in the world, but under the terms presented, it is certainly the best in the world.



Capital transference os an amount equal to or greater than 1 million euros, including investment in shares of companies or the creation of at least 10 jobs.


Funds transference, with the minimum amount of €250,000 for research activities carried out in Portugal, or an investment in support for artistic production or in the recovery and maintenance of the national cultural heritage, as well as the acquisition of units of investment funds or venture capital capitalization of small and medium-sized enterprises.


Capital transference amounting to € 350,000 or more, for the creation of a commercial company with its head office in Portugal, together with the creation of five permanent jobs, or to increase the share capital of a commercial company with headquarters in national territory, already established, with the creation or maintenance of jobs, with a minimum of five permanents, and for a minimum period of three years.


Acquisition of real estate in the value of € 500,000 or more.


Capital transference of the amount of € 350,000 or more, for the acquisition of units of investment funds or venture capital funds for the capitalization of companies, which are set up under Portuguese law, whose maturity in the at least five years and at least 60% of the value of the investments is made in commercial companies based in the national territory.


Transfer of capital in the amount of € 250,000 or more, which is applied in investment or support to the artistic production, recovery or maintenance of the national cultural heritage, through services of the central and peripheral direct administration, public institutes, entities that integrate the sector public foundations, private foundations with public utility status, intermunicipal entities, entities that integrate the local business sector, municipal associative organizations and public cultural associations, that continue their attributions in the area of ​​artistic production, recovery or maintenance of the national cultural heritage.



The “D7 Visa” is a document that entitles foreign citizens or holders of own income who wish to reside in Portugal. They may enjoy the status of non-habitual residents and thus be exempt from taxation on such income or pensions obtained outside Portugal, provided that they have already been taxed in their country of origin.


The “D2 Visa” is a document that aims to provide a residence permit to foreign entrepreneurs who have carried out investment operations or prove that they have financial means available in Portugal, including those obtained from financing obtained from a financial institution and demonstrate, by any means , the intention to carry out an investment operation in Portugal.